Since COVID-19 hit, millions of people report feeling more exhausted, stressed, or overwhelmed. If you wonder why, or what you can do to feel more at peace, balanced, or energized in these uncertain times, consider that you’ve missed turning Airplane Mode on.

Since March 2020, depression in the US has risen by more than 30%, sales for anxiety medication have rocketed by 37%, and nearly 9 out of 10 people report continuous high levels of stress. Our mental well-being and peace of mind was far from rosy before COVID struck. …

It’s our judgment that keeps us from being heart-centered and authentic.

How many times per day do you make quick judgments? “This situation is bad” — “This is great” — “Our leaders are useless/fantastic” — or in today’s times, “I don’t get enough exercise”. Truth is: whenever you judge, you’re not authentic and heart-centered, anymore. You’re not speaking or acting from an empowered position, but from a mindset that intends to manipulate the situation at hand.

When I speak about judgment, I don’t mean discernment. Discernment is an observation about a situation that’s usually followed by a choice you make. Judgment is the determination that the situation is a certain way…

(And it’s probably not why you think they are)

No matter whether we celebrate the Holidays at home gathered around a Christmas Tree, on a beach towel in the Caribbean, or skiing the slopes of Vail: most of us feel that the Holidays are a special season. This year, however, I realized why the Holidays really are Holy Days.

On January 2nd — the very first day of the year where most people are able to speak in straight sentences — we hosted a webinar for our Conscious Business Ambassador Program. Participants joined from all across the US and Europe — from London and Berlin, New York and San…

How Digitalization will impact Your Life, Your Job, and Your Organization — and what You can do about it.

It doesn’t matter whether you hurray or boo for Donald Trump. Either way, you might be missing the bigger picture. Read Thomas Friedman’s latest book “Thank You For Being Late” and you’ll find below graph that explains, in one simple picture, the polarization, the frustration, the volatility, and the enormous change we are seeing in our world — and why the election of Donald Trump is simply a logical consequence of these changes. Astro Teller, Google’s Captain of Moonshots (CEO of…

Many companies try to build a purpose-culture. Without much success. Here are three things to make a purpose-culture stick.

We like speaking about the Big Pink Elephant in the room. It’s not comfortable for many, but after things are finally out in the open, most people say: “We run around all day long. Speaking about this is like an oasis where all the BS stops.”

Purpose is the new thing! Every one of our clients signs when it comes to creating a more purpose-driven, fulfilling way to do business. And for their organizations, to find a proven way for changing their corporate culture.

Problem is that — despite the best efforts — most culture-change efforts don’t stick. Why? Because…

With Obama as the first black president in history, we thought we had made progress. Now, with a bullying Donald Trump elected into the world’s most powerful position, did we just go back a century in time?

I did not expect this could actually happen. But then, I didn’t think the British people would vote to leave the European Union, either.

For the past days, I have spoken to friends from around the world, retreated, to make sense of this outcome.

To my own surprise, I came to the conclusion that it might not make sense to fight the election…

Peter Matthies

Tech Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute.

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